Meerut GDP 2027


In the decades which led to spurt of a wave of entrepreneurship in India during 70s to 90s, office of the District Industry Center (DIC) used to be the nodal point for the budding entrepreneurs. The DIC offices, set up through a centrally sponsored programme, coordinated with regulatory and promotional agencies of state and central government on their behalf. The office worked to ensure access to inputs and factors of production- from finance to raw material to land among others, in a highly controlled environment characterized by licensing and quota regime. After liberalization in 1991 and removal of all import restrictions, that role became largely redundant. The DICs in different states are trying to rediscover their role since then with varying degree of success. The role increasingly taken up by DICs in industrialized states is that of attracting, aiding and sustaining investment.

The DICs need immense capacity building to discharge a role found meaningful by industry to deliver desired growth and create jobs in today's world. There are several models. One being used by Odisha called District Invest Promotion Agency (DIPA) is worth considering. The set-up is created under the Chairmanship of District Magistrate employing professionals to help industry associations to tap the funds of central and state schemes and also help resolve issues with administration.