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Consultant Profile

Name- Mr. Manak Chand Singhi

Profile- Mr. Manak Chand Singhi is a Public Policy Specialist and was a member of Indian Economic Service (Group A Service of Government of India) and retired as Senior Adviser (Level 15, equivalent to Additional Secretary in Government) from Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs.

Professional Experience while in Service- Mr. Singhi has worked in Ministry of Finance, Commerce & Industry at different times as Economic and Senior Economic Adviser on issues relating to Macro Economy, Public Finance, Industry & Infrastructure, Agriculture and Monetary Policy & Prices. He was the Lead author of Economic Survey Chapters on Macro Economy, Agriculture, Industry & Infrastructure, Public Finance and Prices & Monetary Policy. In Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, he was responsible for spearheading the work relating to 12th Five Year Plan, Results Framework Document, Industrial Policy & Promotion, Wholesale Price Index, Skill Development. He was the first Economic Adviser to the Comptroller & Auditor General of India (2001-2005) and had contributed in developing synergies between economic & fiscal policies and audit.

Educational Qualification: MA (Economics)- Guwahati University, M.Phil (Economic Development)- Glasgow University

Telephone No.- +91-9911923239