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Annexure 1 : Suggestions for Fire Licensing Policy

Challenges for Old Industries under New Fire Policy Solutions
Due to low height of the old factories, NBC code could not be regulated. For old established factories/units, low height construction should be approved for availing NOC.
There is not enough space around the existing factory premises for movement of fire brigades. As per NBC code, 4-meter­ wide road all around is required. So, this regulation cannot be practically complied with in old factories. An Aisle width of less than 4m should be accepted in case of old factories.
Installation of water storage of prescribed capacity is not possible due to paucity of space or less capacity of existing building. There should be a common water tank in the parks of industrial areas which could be used for rain water harvesting as well as work as a fire reserve water tank. This would ensure less financial burden on the units. This work should be in the domain of UPSIDA, DIC and private developers.
Earlier the enterprises were getting utility certificate for fire extinguishing equipment by the Fire Department on the right to have equipment for prevention of fire. The same system should be revived again. This facility will be a big relief for old industries who cannot get NOC under NBC. This system is not only practical to implement but will also help in installing firefighting equipment.

• Under new policy Fire NOC for units with size less than 1000 sq. mtr. is issued by Joint Director. For units with size 1000 sq. mtr. or above Fire NOC is issued by the Director and the CFO is empowered to check and attach his report.

• Self-attestation to be done within 15 days ofupload ofapplication for Fire NOC if any objection has not been raised. The verification by the CFO should be done in automated mode within the above time limit. Verification by Registered Fire Integrator/Chartered Engineer may be done through the website.

• Self-certification in auto mode should be considered as an alternate method for issue ofNOC. (As is the case in Gujarat). Micro or small-scale units should be allowed to have only firefighting equipment as Fire protection systems are very expensive.
• Certified Experts and Specialists in the domain of fire emergency and risk management should be recognized by the government. These experts and specialists could certify fire accident preparedness and response mechanisms in factories. For the units which have a license for dealing in explosives, the license should be recognized for the purpose of registration in Factories Act and issue of Fire NOC.