Meerut GDP 2027

Meerut Power Loom

Current Status: Cluster has 3,000 power loom units employing over 30,000-35,000 workers. Most units (almost 95 %) are micro-scale units. Main products are grey fabric and fabric for home furnishing, which are then supplied to traders located at Delhi, Ghaziabad and Panipat. The cluster annually produces goods worth Rs. 40 crores.

Support Required: Like most other power loom clusters, the traders or master weavers control the market. Female members of the family mostly indulge in embroidery work on job work basis. The power loom sector has generally seen a decline in the last few years. Meerut has very few units that have modern looms and are relatively inefficient when compared to the power loom cluster of Panipat. This cluster faces a number of challenges, including limited market linkages. The turnover is very low, and the cluster needs sustained support to make it more productive.