Meerut GDP 2027

Scissors Industry

Current Status: 175 units exist in this sector with direct and indirect employment of nearly 25,000 persons. Scissors are being manufactured in Meerut households since long. There are many families involved in this industry; conventionally family tradition: However pathetic health conditions of old streets of Meerut, health­ hazardous production process and lack of any research, any directional change or product diversification remains restricted to scissors used by tailors.

Support Required: To address the tool room and other problems a Cluster facility centre was initiated. Industry took up with MDA and got 300 industrial plots. Though all plots stand allotted but shifting process is very slow. The main problem of industry is its inability to match Chinese imports. New techniques of production process have not been adopted. Setting standards, higher import duty and facilitation in technology acquisition together with Skill development is critical.

Sector Group Members

Photo Name Description
Mr. Sharif Ahmed President, Meerut Scissors Manufacturing Association and Vice-President, Scissors Cluster, Meerut