Meerut GDP 2027

Auto Parts Industry

Current Status: Units produce both electrical and mechanical parts. This cluster has about 5000 units, of which almost 95% are related to mechanical parts. Apart from manufacturing, significant number of units is also into repairing. Approximately 26,000 workers are employed in this cluster. The cluster has an annual turnover of Rs 100 crore. The major products are auto rubber parts, auto brakes, auto engine spare parts, nuts and bolts, spring pills, etc. All the units are either small or micro in nature, and are spread throughout Meerut city.

Support Required: The cluster is highly fragmented and hence cannot produce any single item in large volumes, affecting both manufacturing costs and quality. The workforce is unskilled and quality culture is by and large absent. There is a strong requirement for technological up-gradation. In most of the units, simple cutting and drilling machines are being used. There is a need for introducing advanced equipment, to improve shop floor practices, induce quality systems and to promote standardization.