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About MCF

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The Meerut Citizens Forum (MCF) is a not-for-profit foundation set up by a group of concerned citizens comprising of Architects, Businessman, Engineers, Professionals, Academicians, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Educationists, Industrialists, Media persons, Social Workers, retired Govt. officials among others. The MCF strives for Meerut to be a city with good quality of life. The MCF realizes that it is only the citizens who are the permanent "owners" of the city and who enjoy or suffer the consequences of the quality of governance. And, it is they who need to come out and assume the responsibility and team up with both administrators and political leaders. MCF has carried out pioneering studies in the air, water and civic amenities of the city especially the waste management. It has forged linkages with national and international development agencies. It has commissioned the study to quadruple GDP of Meerut with the objective of orienting all stake holders towards the common goal of economic development and collective prosperity.

MCF strives to serve as City Owners Forum with following objectives:

  1. To assist government departments / agencies in timely completion of city related projects by facilitation better coordination - at local, state and central level
  2. To promote transparency in public procurement by local agencies
  3. To work towards bringing the benefits of various schemes/projects to our city by relentlessly pursuing relevant central & state government agencies
  4. To encourage citizens participation in achieving MCF's objectives
  5. To build public awareness during Municipal elections so that all candidates / voters seek / cast votes based on city issues / development criteria only.
  6. To research on various parameters related to quality of life in Meerut, e.g. - Air Quality, Water Quality, etc. and provide to decision makers in government or policy making, projects planning & execution.