Meerut GDP 2027

Brass Band Industry

Current Status: Reportedly number of units 600 with direct and indirect employment of around 10,000.These units have been based out of households or mahollas/residential areas since long. There are many families involved in this industry and the industry is conventionally a family tradition.

Support Required: DJ a substitute, though with sound pollution, puts restrictions on demand. Sector needs a 200 units' industrial area. Here too competition from China is causing problems. High cost of brass, the basic raw material is another problem. Being a highly labour-intensive industry, it is very difficult to find skilled workforce for the Brass Band manufacturers.The Manufacturers desire that MDA should provide them land at subsidized rates for setting up their units. The State Governments should support these units in the procurement of metals and other raw materials and with provision for subsidy on electricity. Cheap quality imports could be restricted through an appropriate duty and product standards.