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Meerut,UP vs India-A GDP Snapshot

Meerut being part of NCR has a big locational advantage due to its proximity with Delhi. Multiple big infrastructure projects like Rapid Rail Transport System, Dedicated Freight Corridor, Delhi Meerut Expressway etc. will further enhance city's connectivity. This should help Meerut to witness robust growth and contribute to CM Yogi's plan of taking the UP economy to $1 Trillion by 2027.

  2020-21 2026-27
India GDP 2667.7 bn. 198.02 lakh crore 5000 bn. 412.25 lakh crore
UP GDP 221.2 bn. 16.42 lakh crore 1000 bn. 82.45 lakh crore
Meerut GDP 6.9 bn. 0.51 lakh crore 25 bn. 2.06 lakh crore
India Per Capita Income 1968 146085 3482 287091
UP Per Capita Income 957 71038 2957 326255
Meerut Per Capita Income 1806 134059 6098 502780

[ Data for 2020-21 is from Ministry of Statistics & Programme implementation and UP Directorate of Economics & Statistics *2026-27 projection isas per stated goal of Govt. of India and Govt. of UP respectively ]

Working Population of Meerut City

Projected by 2027
Total Population 20,00,000
Working Population 8,00,000
Self-employed Population 5,00,000

As per CSO statistics of 2019, almost 60% of workforce is self-employed/unorganized workers - e.g. - shopkeepers, domestic workers, security guards, street hawkers, light transport & non-transport drivers, technicians, home based enterprises etc. These 5 to 6 lacs self-employed people provide a sizeable contribution to the economy, but have largely been ignored by the local administration and face daily hurdles impacting their ability to grow due to their unauthorized status. To achieve the $1 Trillion GDP by 2027, it's very important that this workforce is able to grow their business activity.